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  1. Storz & Bickel: Volcano Comparison

    Storz & Bickel

    At The Bong Shop, we have a large range of vaporizers and accessories available, such as the Pax or FlowerMate, Australia-wide. If you’re looking to upgrade or replace your current vaporizer for something a bit different, we have a large contender you shouldn’t skip, Storz and Bickel. 

    Storz and

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  2. Pax Vaporizers: All You Need to Know

    DaVinci Australia

    If you’re looking for a vape that's a little more discreet than your current DaVinci Australia's herb connoisseurs have just the vaporizer for you! Pax are producers of the most well-known and highly regarded vaporizers around. Their great rep is all thanks to their model’s incredible performance, vapour qua

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  3. From Behind the Mist: Flowermate Cap Pro Black Vaporiser

    Flowermate Australia

    Here at The Bong Shop, we love to show off some of the amazing brands we stock. We have so many fantastic products to offer that sometimes it can be hard to pick just one! This month, we’ve decided to take a look at one of our Flowermate Australia products, the Flowermate Cap Pro Vaporiser. 

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  4. ‘Sanitising For Stoners’ - How to clean your vaporiser

    Flowermate vapes Australia

    A clean vape is a happy vape, that's what we and Flowermate vapes Australia like to think. While the ingredients of vape juice won’t stain your equipment, residue and build-up can happen, affecting the performance of your favourite vape. A gunked up coil will lose flavour and can make your vape t

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  5. Microdosing For Beginners

    PAX vape

    Microdosing has been explained as consuming crumb-size amounts of psychedelics and other drugs — not to get high but to feel more focused, creative, and present. It's sweeping the world as a way to use the positive side effects of weed and other drugs to benefit your daily life. Microdosing can be done in the exact same way as any drug normally would be, s

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  6. TBS’s A-Z of Stoner Slang - Part 3

    da vinci vape

    Welcome back for part three of our A-Z of Stoner Slang, where we’ll be delving further into terminology and lingo relating to cannabis culture. Whether you're new to the game or you're a four-twenty enthusiast, there’s so much history and information to learn about the origins of these terms. So, grab your da vin

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  7. A Detailed Look at Pax Vaporizers

    Pax Vaporizers

    The Bong Shop offers a range of vape brands, such as Firefly, Flowermate, and Davinci vaporizer. But the focus of today’s blog is PAX, which are known to produce some of the best vape products currently available.

    What is PAX

    PAX, also known as Pax Labs, is a vape specialist company who aim in enhancing their customer’s liv

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  8. A Guide to the New DaVinci Miqro Vaporizer

    DaVinci Miqro Vaporizer

    Known as the small, sleek, and sophisticated way to loose-leaf vaporising! The new Davinci Miqro Vaporizer is perfectly crafted to fit your lifestyle. Jam-packed with plenty of innovative features to suit all your vaping needs!

    About Davinci Tech 

    DaVinci strives

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    Welcome back to Part II of our selection of ‘Stoner Films of the 90s’, where we’re going to continue exploring the most sacred of film genres. As we’ve covered in our previous blog, there are some classic picks from this decade, cementing the stoner film as a credible genre worthy of attention. It’s safe to say that the 90s was truly the decade that the stone

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    DaVinci IQ2 Vaporiser

    Here at The Bong Shop, we enjoy showing some love to the brands that we stock. We have so many fantastic products on offer that sometimes it can be hard to pick just one to showcase! This month, we’ll be taking a look at one of the products from DaVinci’s impressive range: the DaVinci IQ2

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