How to Have a Premium Smoking Experience with The Bong Shop

Do you want to show off your high-end stoner knowledge next time you’re smoking with friends? Do you want to know more about the bongs and vaporizers your celebrity faves use? This guide is for you!

Stundenglass german steel gravity bong celebrity Seth Rogan's favouriteStundenglass german steel gravity bong celebrity Seth Rogan's favourite

Stündenglass Gravity Bong

Stundenglass means hourglass in German and was originally designed and sold out of the founder Tracey Huston’s garage. Seth Rogen and Wiz Khalifa notably have expressed their fondness for this bong. In 2020 Grenco Science invested and it has become one of the most successful and best gravity bong available on the market.

Made with borosilicate glass and aircraft-grade anodized aluminum with Teflon seals. It has a hookah pipe and percolated water filtration that makes for easy smoking.

Mighty plus vaporizer dry herb premium high end AustraliaMighty plus vaporizer dry herb premium high end Australia

The Mighty+ Vaporizer

The Might Plus vaporizer by Storz & Bickel is made for the vaporization of dry herbs but has an additional liquid pad and a large chamber that can be used for concentrates. It’s LED display shows both set and actual temperature and has a soft vibration alarm to let you know when your unit has reached the desired temperature.

Desktop dry herb vaporizer powerful smoke AustraliaDesktop dry herb vaporizer powerful smoke Australia

Volcano Hybrid Desktop Vaporizer

Another Storz & Bickel vaporizer that will blow your mind is the aptly named Volcano Hybrid Desktop vaporizer. With a dual-inhalation system that supports both a classic balloon bag and whip setup you have the freedom to choose how you like to smoke. Pair it with a carry case which is also available on our website.

Waterfall Australia custom bong high end premiumWaterfall Australia custom bong high end premium

Waterfall Shape Shifter Sorcerer Bong

Waterfall Australia, pioneers in the Australian smoking industry for over 40 years, are selling an intricate Shape Shifter bong. Featuring multiple interchangeable filtering components, you can build your own custom smoking device with 120 different possible setup combinations! Beautifully presented in a deluxe wooden crate, the Shape Shifter comes with everything you need to create a bong up to 1.5 metres tall, using as many or as few of the parts as you like. Each filter chamber creates a new path for the smoke, smoothing and cooling it. Slide them on, stack them up, swap them around. With a large spherical base, and a curved mouthpiece which features blue glass lip detail and ice catcher dimples for stacking ice cubes this bong makes for a cool inhale.

EHLE orange german cylinder glass premium high end bong AustraliaEHLE orange german cylinder glass premium high end bong Australia

EHLE Orange Cylinder Bong

Lastly on our guide of high-end bongs is our EHLE, made from sturdy borosilicate glass this bong is enhanced by the addition of ice notches, allowing you to experience a smoother smoke. Standing at 37cm tall with a wall thickness of 3.5mm, this half a liter capacity bong is tested to Ehle’s stringent quality control, ensuring an impressive piece of glassware, this bong is unlikely to break.

So there you have it. Next time you want to show off your bong knowledge just remember you learned this rad information from The Bong Shop Australia!