6 Essential items every stoner needs

In my time, I’ve accumulated a lot of smoking paraphernalia.
Started by hangin out with mates occasionally just grabbing a few packs of papers, to growing my bong collection and a whole range of smoking essentials.

While I definitely have tried a whole lot of items, I’ve narrowed down to my ultimate 6 smoking accessories that every stoner needs.

toker poker lighter sheath

Toker Poker

When I first saw this bad boy, I was shocked at how such a small thing would become such an essential tool in my smoking routine. How had no one come up with it before?
Never again will the corner of my lighters be burnt, or I’ll be struggling to find something I can use as a stoker. This genius tool fixes both those problems with a built in steel tamper aswell as steel stoker! Personally, I’m one to also wrap some hemp wick around this, so when I’m pullin some rippers I’m not getting a lung full of butane from the lighter.
While it all sounds great, I’d love to tell you you’ll never lose a lighter again. However if you’ve got friends like mine, they won’t want to give it back!

The Smoke Buddy

Now while we’re also on the topic of having a lung full of smoke, I’m not one to enjoy having a house full of smoke. Look, maybe when I’ve gotta start wearing 5 thousand layers just to step outside, then maybe I’d have a few inside, but since discovering the Smoke Buddy it’s made my life a little easier! As well as my mates who either live with hard ass room mates or need to hide it from their mums (callin you out dave)
All you gotta do is pop off the caps, blow your smoke into the mouth piece and boom. No smoke or smell comes out the other end! When I first tried it, I thought to myself “maybe you’ve had too much” because I thought it was magic. Where does the smoke go?
Then I looked more into it and realised this little buddy has a carbon filter to eliminate the odour and visible smoke. Good for 1 to 6 months or 300 uses, depending on how long this damn winter will go for.

smoke buddy air filter
orange chronic glass cleaner

Orange Chronic Cleaner

Now we’re gonna talk about cleaning our bongs. It’s not fun, it’s not an activity I look forward to (you crazy if you do), but it’s gotta be done.
Now some of the simpler bongs don’t need a rocket scientist to know how to clean them, but when they start bringing out crazy percs, bumps, bubbles and holes to make a bong look like it came from another planet. You might think “how the hell am I supposed to clean this?”
Now your mum, your mates mum and your cousins dads dog are all gonna have home remedies to use, or you could just stick with Orange Chronic and let it be done! Just shake the bottle, pour it into your bong, shake it like you’re dancing to the macarena for one minute and rinse with warm water.
Boom, you’re bong is ready to smoke another day.

Piece Water Solution

Now as much as I have so much time for activities now my bongs are clean in 2 minutes flat, When I know the boys are comin over for a sesh I don’t want to be the one to use a bong after everyone else has dirtied up the bong. So when my mate showed me some special water that keeps my bong clean I though that dude was crazy. How can a bong stay clean?
Well Piece Water is thicker than normal water therefore means it coats the bong so nothing sticks to it, which then means a smoother pull. Not to mention it can clean your bong while you use it. In other words, it’s like a miracle sent from bong online heaven. Top tip from me to you – pop that sucker in the fridge for extra smooth smoke.

piece water for waterpipes
cyclone blunt papers

Cyclones – Hemp Cone Dank Tips

Now I know you’re wondering, “James…really? Blunts made your top list?” but chill guys, hear me out. I’m a huge bong guy, but when I’m heading out I’m not lugging a bong in my back pocket.
These blunts are in my top 6 for a few reasons. Firstly being that I can save myself time and pre-pack those suckers, then pop them back in the hard case container. They’re slow burning so no wastage, then when I’ve had my hit and want to save the rest for later I can just put it out and pop it back in the case! The flavour soaked wooden tip gives longer lasting flavour and means you can reuse it for those blunts that don’t come with a tip! This also means when you’ve got that friend who loves to leave a sloppy kiss on the end of a blunt (you know who you are) that this will help eliminate that!

Supreme Rolling Storage Box

Now you’re probably thinking “James, with all this stuff…how do you store it all?!”
Well my dudes, I’m about to show you! My main source of storing the necessities is the Supreme Rolling storage box.
If you’re someone who loves rolling, then you’ll wonder where this box has been all your life.
With an area for everything, you can pop your papers, blunts, grinder, tips, stash all in the one place. An extra pull out wooden panel doubles as a rolling bench for when you’ve had a little too much and starting to become a little slack. In addition, the underneath serves an extra hidden storage!
Now I personally enjoy the large box, but for my mates who prefer something more compact, they’ve got smaller sizes aswell as an extra large box with all the features of pull out boxes and resin catchers!

supreme rolling boxes

Cheers for checkin out my top 6 items! It was definitely hard to narrow it all down, and a few items just got kicked off the list. However i’ll be letting you guys in on a lot more of my top smoking items. Just keep an eye out for the next one. 🤙🏻

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