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6 Essential items every stoner needs

In my time, I’ve accumulated a lot of smoking paraphernalia. Started by hangin out with mates occasionally just grabbing a few packs of papers, to growing my bong collection and a whole range of smoking essentials. While I definitely have tried a whole lot of items, I’ve narrowed down to my ultimate 6 smoking accessories […]

Names for Bongs from Around the World

Australians are the masters of giving things colloquialised names. We call toilets ‘dunnies’, liquor stores ‘bottle-Os’, afternoons ‘arvos’ and sex ‘roots’. Naturally, therefore, we have conjured up a myriad of names for the humble bong. Bewg, chonga, honga, cone, gators, raders, gateradors – we’ve done ‘em all. But, what are some titles bestowed upon the […]

Ever thought about micro-dosing cannabis? The new Davinci MIQRO vaporiser could be for you.

You may have heard of psychedelic micro-dosing (e.g. mushrooms), but micro-dosing cannabis isn’t new either. While it’s gaining a lot of traction now, people have been micro-dosing weed for several years. So why micro-dose? There have been many reports of the mental health benefits that micro dosing creates such as anxiety relief, managing depression, reducing stress and […]

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