Cool Stoner Things!

G’day guys! James here again to tell you about some rad stoner items that you may not have heard about, but definitely need!

Pimp Your Bong

This first one is probably the most fun!
Do you have a glass bong that’s getting a little old and tired? It’s now time to make the bong of your dreams!
Add a chamber, switch out your cone pieces female to male and male to female adaptors, even turn it into a double banger with two cone pieces! The possibilities are endless.

Check them out here

Eyce Molds

When I first heard of the Eyce Mold I was confused to say the least.
Making a billy from ice? Yep! Just like you’d make icy-poles when you were younger with juice and cordial, you’ve now grown up and can make your own billy with this mold.
It comes with a silicone sleeve, mouthpiece, base, stem and cone. All you gotta do is add water!

Check it out here

Raw Glass Tips

Now a few people may have come across glass tips, but for those who haven’t…you’re missing out!
They may seem like an odd item, but they’ve got plenty of reasons that make them awesome.
Firstly, they’ll replace the need for all disposable tips as you can just clean and reuse. They’re easy to roll with, allow you to use half the tip as a mouth piece so no more needing to waste any product because you don’t want to burn your lips!

Check it out here

Icecream Silicone Bong

Want a cone? Honestly just added it so I could make that joke…but in all honestly this really is a sweet billy!
I never really was a fan of silicone, but with a slip in glass cone, silicone internal stem and wide mouthpiece, this bong was actually really great to use. It pulls apart for easy cleaning and all my friends always want to use it because….well why wouldn’t you? It’s a bloody icecream!

Check it out here

Happy Kit Deluxe

Everything you need, tucked into the ultimate travel kit!
Packed into this is an acrylic grinder, 1 1/4 papers and tips, 8cm glass pipe, one hitter, storage tube aswell as a removable foil-lined pouch for your stash!
These are the raddest thing to give as gifts for the stoners in your life and they’ll be thankful for it!

Check it out here

Magical Butter Machine

Now I’m certain you have all heard of making your own herbal butters, but I’m sure a lot of you didn’t know how easy it can actually be!
Generally the process would take you 10-12 hours, but this machine will cut it down to 3-4! It’s extremely easy to use, does the majority of the work without assistance and also makes oils, tinctures, soups, sauces and a whole bunch more!
Ready to start your cooking? I sure am!

Check it out here

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