Ghost MV1 Vaporizer Review

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer Review

G’day mates! James here!

We’ve all heard about vaping, however many of us are still unsure of what vaping actually is or does.
This is when I step in. I’m here to give you the ins and outs of dry herb vaping (we aren’t here to talk e-ciggies mate), and why more aussies should get on board!

Ghost dry herb vaporizer

When I first heard of vaping, I really thought it was just some fancy way people wanted to smoke and not for blokes like me. However, as we do, I had a few mates over a while ago and one of boys (cheers Davo) brought out this new spaceship, tech filled thing and well, how could you say no to trying that?!

So turns out this unit is called the Ghost Vaporizer, storz and buckle vaporisers although it was quite a change from my regular smoking…..utensils… actually was a dead set good hit.
It tasted better, didn’t burn my throat and my product wasn’t turned into a pile of ash in 5 seconds.

So you’re probably wondering “James, I don’t understand! You’re smoking, but your product isn’t ash?!” Well, vaping technically isn’t smoking pipes! Imagine this…you put a piece of meat on a fire. What happens? It burns and turns to ash, but you can probably still smell a bit of it and eat a small amount that isn’t burnt to a crisp.
Now imagine that same piece of meat but in an oven. It cooks evenly, smells amazing and you get to enjoy the whole piece. This my friends, is basically how vaping works!

Now because we’re not burning our product, and instead cooking it means we’re getting a smooth, flavourful taste without that burning throat sensation and feeling like you’ll lose it if you don’t get that water…stat! You know what this also means guys….vaping is bloody perfect for using indoors! No smoke, no worries mate.

Not all vapes are made equally. For example lets go back to the Ghost Vape.
This units chamber heats up bloody quickly, depending on your temperature you’re only looking at about 3-10 seconds.
With a convection style oven, you’re getting an even cook of product.

Where as a conduction style oven has the heating element right underneath the chamber.

The chamber pops out of the unit, meaning its easy as heck to fill and re-insert while also being able to have multiple chambers locked and loaded ready to go!

With the Ghost vape, you’re gonna get around 35-50 draws per charge. It includes a powerful, custom built battery pack which is replaceable (lucky for those who “misplace” things easily – *me)

Ghost have also brought out a “fast charger” which brings that charge time down to a lightning 2 hours, so when you’re in a rush, you’re covered!

How do we change temperatures and why? The unit features a button on the front which through different sequences will tell battery level, change temperature and turn the unit on and off. If you’re awful with memory, Ghost thought of you. With a fresh smartphone app which is easy to use and navigate. Different temperatures will work better with not only dry herb products but also your concentrates as well (if ya feeling a bit extra).

This Ghost Vape honestly had me go from “what the heck is vaping” to hittin on that thing constantly like it was going out of fashion….I mean come on, I wrote this whole blog about it because I can’t stop.

You can checkout the Ghost MV1 for yourself here.


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