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Standing tall at 72cm, this great 2 Hose Hookah is impressive, and perfect for Netflix and chill. Made from super strong frosted red glass with matte red aluminium & steel fittings, it is quality built with care. Experience the Hookah together with ease - great for parties or gatherings. With silicone hoses for easy maintenance, and anodised aluminium stem mouth pieces. Terracotta cone. Disassembles for easy cleaning.


  • Tongs & Stoker
  • 1 - 2 users per session
  • Made from glass


  • Height: 720mm
  • Base Width: 150mm
  • Hose Length: 1420mm

Hookah Smoking Tip:

  • Get the water ice cold before smoking by using some ice cubes. This will make your smoking experience a whole lot smooother and enjoyable

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