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The Bong Shop has been selling Glass Bongs in Australia for over 40 years!

As Australia’s largest and longest running bong business, we’ve learned a few things, and we truly have a great range of glass bongs to suit enthusiasts of all level. Many bong enthusiasts’ introduction to the use of smoking devices usually involves a crude DIY bong fashioned together from a piece of garden hose, tinfoil, and a plastic bottle. Functional, but also not reusable – and far from a great experience (its also toxic)

Once you’re in a position to switch to using proper bongs, you’re not only faced with having to decide on the shape and size, but also what material the bong is made from. And while each material has some unique benefit over the others, we’ve always been fond of glass bongs, which aren’t as fragile as you might imagine.

Being made from glass doesn’t limit the style, with glass bongs shaped into a wide range of designs and available as percolator bongs, bubble bongs, beaker bongs, chamber bongs, and even glass bongs incorporating dab rigs. Everyone has their own opinion of why one type of glass bong is better than another, ranging from durability and easy to clean, to the smoothness of the smoke and how it is filtered or cooled. In most instances any type of glass bong is easy to clean, requiring little more than some hot water and detergent,. It is the design or shape of the glass bong that would influence the ease with which it can be cleaned.

As for durability, even our budget glass bongs are made using borosilicate (Pyrex) glass, so they easily withstand temperature changes. The thickness of the glass – along with design of the glass bong – are better indicators of durability. Longer necks and protruding air intakes make a glass bong more vulnerable to breakage if not handled properly.

If you’re looking for a glass bong that is both portable and easy to store, Waterfall and Planet X both offer mini glass bongs that are both compact and lightweight, and standing no taller than 200mm. But with a glass thickness of 3mm and under, they are more fragile. If strength and height are more important, Waterfall do have glass bongs up to 480mm tall, with a glass thickness of 4mm, while Planet X has glass bongs of similar height, but with extra tough glass up to 7mm thick.

No matter what type or style you end up choosing, it’s great to know that all of our glass bongs come ready to use, with the stem & cone included.

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