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The most advanced bong cleaning product known to man! Removes black resin, leaving your bong sparkling clean and smelling good! 250ml bottle. Suitable for all bong types.

  • Add a cap-full of BONG BATH to your DIRTY bong water. It will immediately eliminate the smell.
  • Put your hand over the mouthpiece and give your bong a bit of shake and twist to get the liquid all over the bong.
  • Bathe with clean water in a PLASTIC bucket (so you don't break it on the tap). Use brush as required.
  • Residue will literally fall off leaving you bong sparkling clean.
  • Works on ALL TYPES of bongs. (Glass, Plastic, Silicone, Ceramic, Metal, etc)



Have a plastic bucket ready with a solution of water and Bong Bath. After a big night on the toke you're too stoned to clean the billy, so just drop it into the solution in the bucket and go to bed.

Next day, just give it a rinse in the bucket and use brush as required. You'll find your stem and cone will scrub up pretty well also.

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