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Dabbing Bongs


Dabs are intense measures of the herb that are made by extracting the good bits from the leaves/flowers using a variety of methods. What results is a wax, or thick and viscous oil that is highly concentrated. Dabbing has been popular for about ten years and is the big rage in the USA at the moment. Dabbing is executed by using what is known as a “nail” that can be attached to either a Bong or a Vaporizer. Some people prefer dabbing because it delivers a more concentrated hit.

Dab rigs are built with reverse fittings, so normal bong cones don't normally fit these, however purpose made regular bong cones are available. Most of the "Dab Rigged Bongs" on this page come with BOTH "Dab Dome & Nail" and also a regular "Bong Cone".

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