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Silicone super pack! Bright and colourful, and virtually indestructible!

Stay more lit than a Christmas tree with this brightly coloured silicone pack.

Or as the perfect gift for the clumsy smoker in your life who is always breaking the bong - challenge accepted!

Featuring the Piecemaker Kermit silicone rasta bong, solid, bombproof and smooth. The revolutionary Chube silicone grinder - airtight, smell proof, water resistant, grinding your herbs easily just by rolling it between your hands. The Piecemaker Karma silicone pipe, portable, durable, lightweight, perfect for travel, and with it's silicone lid, you can pre-pack it and pocket it for later. The silicone lighter holster straps like a slap band straight onto your bong, or wrist  - keeping your lighter & stoking tools conveniently located. Also contains a 2 pack of tins and a pack of Bong Shop papers & tips. 

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This pack includes: 

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