Glass stems are a great addition to your bong!

Not only do they look nicer than metal stems, they provide a much cleaner taste, keeping your herb flavour pure. They also don't heat up like metal does, keeping your smoke cooler, and they are nice and easy to keep clean.

Most of our bongs can be fitted out with a glass stem. The stems come in 2 diameters - Standard 10mm and Bonza 16mm, so choose your glass stem by the diameter of the stem hole in your bong. If your bong has a bonza sized hole, and you want to fit a standard stem, you can adapt it with a "bonza to standard grommet" 

As a rule, the sizing of your glass stem should be 2cm shorter than the full length of your metal stem. ie. if your bong currently takes a 10cm metal stem, use an 8cm glass stem, as the measurements are calculated differently with glass (see below)

Both stem sizes have a 14mm joint to fit 14mm glass cones.

Get your glass cones here

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