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Vaporise your herbs! 

Combining the best of both worlds! A bud bomb style pipe but with without combustion! That's right! Vape your herbs in this easy to use pipe.

The Vapor-2 Pipe requires no electricity or combustion. 

Simply insert your herb whole into the internal chamber. Then ignite the the end with a flame, to heat the ceramic filter, creating a hot convection vapor to heat your herbs. As your herb is protected from the flame with the ceramic filter, as well as a mesh screen, it doesn't actually burn, but is instead heated through enough to produce a vapour. The end result is a cleaner flavour and more potent inhale, without the tar and carcinogens associated with smoke from burning the herb.

As a bonus, your herb can still be re-used afterwards with some effect, because it hasn't been burnt. 

Length: 11cm

Diameter: 2cm

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