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The Original BUKKET is here!

The ultimate party pipe! No water required, no mess, no fuss! 

Working with gravity, and the same principle as an accordion, the Bukket fills with smoke as it expands, and releases smoke when compressed. 

Simply fill and light the cone while the Bukket is in it's closed position. Then slowly separate the the ends (or let gravity pull it down), stretching out the midsection, allowing the Bukket to draw in the smoke. Once stretched out and full of smoke, remove the cone stem, place your mouth at the mouthpiece and push the Bukket ends back together, collapsing the midsection, and forcing the smoke out for you to inhale. 

Great for parties, sharing with mates, or if you just like high volume hits!

Collapses down to a small size and for easy portability and convenience. Comes apart for easy cleaning and is also dishwasher safe!

Comes in a variety of colours, selected at random.

90mm diameter

90mm tall

30cm at full stretch

This is not a bong, as it does not use water for operation.


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