Elements Rolling Papers

Elements Ultra-Thin Rice Papers make for an incredibly clean smoke as they contain no harmful chemicals. No pulp or hemp is used in Elements papers either. These fantastic products are produced in the Spanish town of Alcoy, which is well-known among roll-your-own connoisseurs for their deep-rooted history in the art of creating the finest rolling papers.

Natural Rolling Papers Forged by the Elements

These papers have been created with all four elements in mind, truly connecting these products to Mother Nature.


Elements Rolling Papers are not only made using earth-conscious materials, they burn with close to no signs of ash. As your spliff burns, all you will experience is the ultra-pure sugar gum used to produce these papers transforming into a sweet caramel.  


Each sheet of Elements Rolling Papers is watermarked with the Elements criss-cross design, a true stamp of quality. The watermark is designed to eliminate the potential of an uneven burn. A smooth, even smoke is guaranteed! 


This is the element that fuels the production of these papers. Between the mountains in Spain’s Alicante province lies a town named Alcoy, where nothing but windmills power production of these great papers.


Fire is what makes these papers burn! Elements Rolling Papers are made using natural materials, promising one thing: a clean burn that never changes the flavour of your beloved smokables.

The Bong Shop Stocks a Great Range of Elements Rolling Papers 

The Elements Artesano range is fantastic in that you not only get your favourite rice papers and tips, but also a handy rolling tray that simply folds out; and it is this that makes this product unique.

We also stock the Elements Connoisseur King Size Slim Papers + Tips which includes 33 leaves, the Elements King Size Slim Smoking Papers with 32 leaves and the impressive Elements Perfect Fold pack boasting papers with the perfect fold line promising to deliver an easier roll than normal interleaved papers. These guys actually surveyed rollers from all over to reach a conclusion on what would be the perfect spot for the perfect fold lines on their rolling papers.

The Elements Artesano range, Elements Single Width Smoking Papers and the Elements 1¼ Smoking Papers all come standard with a nifty magnetic clip which holds the pack closed in order to protect your precious paraphernalia. How cool?

Ordering Online with The Bong Shop is Fast and Convenient

The Bong Shop makes shopping online fast and convenient as you can browse for your favourite Elements products while rolling a few at home. We deliver Australia-wide and if your order is for more than $100, you qualify for our free standard delivery. You can also get your next order using our PayItLater option, which allows you to pay off your goods in just a few easy instalments.