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"CHALICE" RASTAFARIAN WISDOM PIPE Traditional design used for 1000's of years. Lovingly hand made in Australia| with natural organic materials - Australian bamboo| local coconuts| beeswax & gumnuts. Cold water flushed through the Chalice is all you need to keep it clean & honey fresh. Sealed in beeswax| it will literally last forever. The maker actually offers a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! These unique| eco-friendly| handcrafted CHALICE pipes are made from all natural products| and are a pleasure to use. For those who are sensitive to using glass pipes| you will feel a lot of relief from using these beautifully soft| sweet| smooth and clean CHALICE pipes. The thick wax coating inside the coconut CHALICE is hydrophobic. Which means the water never actually touches the wax. This prevents any build-up of tar with a regular flushing with cold water only. Most of the hot waste material is caught in the gumnut kutchie that is easily cleaned with a poker and cold water. The kutchie is a natural chamber that filters the ash from the smoke so virtually no debris enters the CHALICE. We have run endless tests to make sure your CHALICE indeed lasts a lifetime operating the same delicious way day after day| year after year. The CHALICE actually improves with age and use. The seals become solid and permanent after only a few sessions and subsequent washing. If you should have any issue with the seal on the kutchie to the cone or the down pipe| a quick going over with a lighter will sufficiently warm the wax to form a new seal.  *PLEASE NOTE - THESE ARE HANDMADE. EACH ONE IS UNIQUE AND DESIGNS & SIZES WILL VARY DEPENDING ON AVAILABLE MATERIALS SPECS:
  • Height ranges from 30-50cm tall (if you have a size preference, please include it in comments on your order)
  • Neck Dia: 40-55mm
  • Body Dia: 90-120mm
  • Stem: bamboo with sting & gumnut kutchie
  • Cone: Med brass bonza cone
  • Shotty: yes
  • Materials - bamboo| coconut| beeswax| string| gumnut
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