Want it now?

Buy now and Pay It Later, with PayItLater

How Does it Work?

With PayItLater, you can make purchases at The Bong Shop and pay off the purchase over time automatically.

With on-the-spot credit approvals with no long forms, buying your smoking paraphernalia has never been easier!

Choose PayItLater when completing checkout – we’ll finalise the order and set up a plan of 4 payments over the next 4 weeks to pay off your purchase, and The Bong Shop will post out your items as if you paid for it today!

Over the next 4 weeks PayItLater will keep in touch over email and let you know when your payments are due so you can ensure there are funds in your account for the payment to be processed (*Late fees apply if funds are not available)


We take cardholder data seriously. PayItLater have fully PCI-DSS compliant systems, utilising client side tokenization to process payments with our world-class payment processing partner (Stripe).

All PayItLater pages, both promotional and transactional, are served over SSL to protect against Man-In-The-Middle style and other traditional web attacks. You can view our PCI-DSS statement of compliance here: PayItLater PCI-DSS Compliance.

For more info on PayItLater: https://www.payitlater.com.au/