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It's a pipe, designed like a joint, with a level of smoothness you wouldn't expect 

From the second you pick up your Budbomb, you know you're holding a an instrument of high quality. Its solid weight, smooth feel, and the precision machining stands it far apart from its imitators. 

How does it work? Unscrewing the end piece, you place your herb inside your Budbomb, (pack it whole or chunky) Replace the end piece, and while inhaling from the mouthpiece, light the end like a cigarette, drawing the flame through the 3 holes in the end to ignite the herb. What happens next, is why the Budbomb is worth its weight in gold. The internal spiral helix forces the smoke to travel some distance, removing heat & trapping tar, leaving you with a cool, smooth smoke, unlike any pipe you've used before. 

Pro tip: try placing in the freezer before use for a super cool smoke


  • Quality coated brass & steel construction
  • Durable & almost indestructible
  • Pocket sized for ultimate portability
  • Conveniently pack it and pocket it for later 
  • Discreet & stealthy smokeless design
  • Completely disassembles for easy cleaning
  • 20mm deep bowl allows for large packing
  • No need to grind your herb, place it in whole or chunky
  • Eyelet holes to attach keyring for convenience
  • Contoured mouthpiece for comfort toking


  • Length: 100mm
  • Diameter: 17.5mm
  • 20mm bowl

Cleaning: Simply wet a cloth with isopropyl alcohol or soapy water to wipe away unwanted tars from spiral. Ensure threads are wiped regularly for smooth operation.

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