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Everything you need for your next camping getaway in one bargain package!!

Featuring a PieceMaker Kolt silicone bong with pistol grip, which glows in the dark - so you'll have no problem finding it at camp. There's an acrylic grinder with stash area, to keep your stuff safe. A PieceMaker Ozzie green & yellow silicone dry pipe, which comes with a lid - so you can pack it, and pocket it for later. A 2-pack of Cyclones wood-tip pre-rolled blunts, which you can pre-fill and repackage in their convenient container, ready for passing around the campfire, and a Bong Shop logo Bic lighter tops it all off, for a great all round weekend getaway 

Buy it for yourself, buy it for a mate, great gift idea or starter pack!

 RRP $89.85 - Save over $14!!

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 This pack includes:

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