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Adding an external chamber to your bong decreases the harshness of your smoke through additional filtering. The smoke is forced to travel further, while being filtered not just once, but twice through water, resulting in a much cleaner, cooler and smoother smoke. As the first point of filtration, the heavier residue will gather in the external chamber while the smoke is being filtered, meaning your bong itself requires less frequent cleaning. Easy to put together & to pull apart to clean, and easy to add to or remove from your bong, making for a versatile smoking experience.


Chamber kit includes:

Standard to standard straight chamber : height 80mm x diameter 30mm

Silicone Standard grommet x 2

100mm x 10mm standard anodised aluminium stem x 1

Medium brass slip in cone piece x 1

45 degree standard 10mm diameter glass connector


Suitable for standard 10mm connections. To fit this standard connector to a bong with a bonza hole, you'll need a "bonza to standard grommet" to adapt it.

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