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Kangertech’s Gem Pod is a flavour oriented pod system built for style and convenience. The Gem Pod is a modern day mini liquid vaporizer that takes all the best of parts small discrete smoking units, and combines them with a straight forward easy to understand, refill and operate device.

A 500 mAh battery will last you a regular day of usage with an hour charge time! Included in the kit comes a USB charging cable which is plugged in at the base of the unit.
Lights along the front of the device allow for easy to tell readings of battery power. 3 dots for 65%  or above, 2 dots for anything bellow 65% down to 30%, and one dot for 30% or lower. Easy. Simple. Understandable.

With an easy to remove mouthpiece, refilling your juice is hassle and leakage free.
Designed to activate by inhalation, the Gem Pod is made with the easy use of no buttons!
A ceramic coil in the mouthpiece helps retain all original flavour with no loss of taste.

Perfectly suitable to be carried in your pocket and held with one hand, make convenience on the go your friend with the Gem Pod.

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