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The Magical Butter MB2E 240V Machine Makes Herbal Butters| Oils| Tinctures| Soups| Sauces| Salad Dressings| Skin Care Products| Pet Medicines| and more.

Use butter to make cookies| cakes| etc.

The Magic Butter Machine is the world’s first Botanical Extractor| designed for creating recipes| infusing the essence of herbs into butter| oil| grain| alcohol| lotions| and more. This allows customers to infuse butter with their desired product with little to no labour. The machine uses a blender| a thermostat| and a heating unit. The machine grinds| heats| stirs| and steeps the herbal extract at all of the correct time intervals and temperature| so that the desired infusion is achieved easily| safely| and consistently. These machines are extremely easy to use and efficient. The process of manually infusing butter with your herb can take up to 10-12 supervised hours. The machine significantly cuts down the time to 3-4 hours| and does not require any assistance. You can start it up and get on with your day!

What’s so good about the Magical Butter Machine?

  • The Magical Butter Machine significantly lowers the amount of time needed to infuse butters and oils with vegetable matter. Without a Magical Butter| this process will take approximately 10 – 12 supervised hours.
  • The machine cuts down the time of the full process from 10-12 hours| to 3-4 hours.
  • Very little labour required in the process. The machine does not require any assistance.
  • Extremely easy to use machine.
  • Includes Glove and Filter
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