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Hit smooth and strong with Pyptek’s Prometheus Titan. An incredible engineering feat of pipe technology that combines the cleanliness and smoothness of glass, with the durability and reliability of metal. With a screen that’s not below the flame, it will never affect the taste but purely block any ash or embers for an always smooth hit. Plenty of room from start to finish creates a cooling time unlike any other pipe.
Perfect for those that feel other hand pipes are too harsh on their throats.

A heavyweight in the pipe world, the Pyptek Titan is truly a god among pipes, and meant for those that take their smoking experience seriously.

Weighted, comfortable to grip, and balanced, as all things should be. The Pyptek Titan doesn’t mess around. Crafted in Colorado USA, the metal casing shell of the Titan is created by aircraft grade aluminum and custom made glass by real people.

Beautifully easy to clean with disassembling components. Interchangeable components such as the glass cone can be swapped out for an adapter that allows for concentrates.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the Prometheus Titan is incredibly portable, measuring in at roughly 4″. Perfect for on the go wherever you may be.
Included with the Titan, comes spare silicone o-rings, pipe cleaners and mesh screens.

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