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Created in 1997, the Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Kit contains 2 oz of synthetic urine, temperature strip, heating pad and rubber band. It has a 3-year shelf life and requires no refrigeration, freezing or thawing.

Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine is a non-biological, homogeneous, , safe product, which contains the ingredients normally found in urine, and is balanced for pH levels, specific gravity & creatinine.

To use: shake bottle, shake heater pad to activate, and attach thenm together with the rubber band. Keep in pocket to heat for 45-60 minutes to get to the optimal temperature (100F or 37.7C). Shake bottle again, then it's ready to use. For instant heating, the bottle may be placed in microwave for 10 seconds. If the temperature strip shows no reading, it is too hot, and may need to cool for a couple minutes to get back into the correct temperature range.

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