Check out the Shape Shifter Bongs, fully customizable and made from premium tough glass.

With an array of filters and chambers to build with, design your bong how you want!
The taller the neck you construct, the smoother the pull.

Coming in a solid hardy wooden box specially designed for the Shape Shifter, this bong is truly one of a kind.

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PAX 3 is one of the most well-known and highly regarded vaporizers on the market. PAX premium vaporizers provide discreet, portable, and odor-friendly experiences dry herb and concentrates. The modern way to reach fully satisfying results. PAX sets the standard for quality, technology and design.

PAX portable vaporizers deliver empowering experiences for dry herb on a foundation of user-driven designs and ultramodern technology. This reputation stems from a combination of its incredible performance, vapour quality, durability, sleek design for discreteness, and advanced technology for the best possible experience.

The innovative features of PAX premium vaporizers allow the user to elevate their experience in the cleanest, most natural way possible





The Bong Shop gives all our aussie herb connaisseurs a safe and trusted place to buy bongs online and Australia wide. We have the largest range of smoking pipes, bongs and any smoking accessories you would even think to need! 

We also offer discreet packaging so there won’t be any awkward run-ins at your local post office, because we know that’s the last thing you want to deal with when running over to get your new toy. 

From metal smoking pipes for your next solo session or a volcano classic gold edition for your next party or even some simple rolling papers to send you to the clouds, The Bong Shop will have everything you need to make your day the best ever. Browse our full range of products online, and you’ll be blazing in no time!

We offer the largest range of smoking accessories and bongs Australia wide. We know that everyone has their own favourite way to smoke, which is why we pride ourselves on offering such a large range of models and brands to cater to everyone's individual tastes. 



Undoubtedly one of the most classic ways to smoke, no one can go past a good old bong. We have a range of bongs from metal bongs to novelty or glass we have the largest range for you to choose from. 



If you like smoking from something that can fit comfortably in the palms of your hand and can be easily stored away without a second glance, a pipe is for you. We have a range of pipes to suit the fancy smoker within or someone who wants an easily maintained way of smoking. 



If you want the latest smoking tech with customisable settings and heating ovens browse our range of vaporizers. We have a large range of portable dry herb vaporizers from popular international brands like the Crafty+ and Pax, to give you an innovative and customisable session. 



Hookahs are a great way to change it up and smoke with some friends. We have a range of styles available with every flavour you could think of. 


Smoking Accessories

Rolling papers, trays, grinders, cleaning solutions we’ve got everything you need to keep your vaporizers and bongs to continue running smoothing for the best session possible. 



For whatever method of smoking you choose we have all the tools you’d ever need, with a range of accessories and spare parts, so your bongs and vaporizers can be used for years to come. 



If you wanna bring an extra element to your home we’ve got a range of smoker friendly mugs, cushions, clothing, party essentials and heaps more.

The Bong Shop, if you didn’t already know, was born from the popular Australian alternative clothing and accessory store Off Ya Tree. Similar to our original brand, The Bong Shop always embraces the unique side of life. Instead of following the norm, we like to walk a different path in life, taking time to really stop and smell the flowers (or herbs). 

Our mother brand started out in Australia’s late 1970’s, that's nearly 40 years ago. With our team of herbal connaisseurs selling bongs and smoking Paraphernalia for that long you can rest easy knowing our experienced and dedicated team are on the case, bringing only the latest and greatest products and models to our Australian market.

The Bong Shop stores can be found across Australia, with a wide range of international and Australian made products available in store and online. Bringing you only the best and finest range of products from across the world, if it isn’t good enough for our team (who go and test every single product) then we know it won’t be good enough for you. Our team at The Bong Shop thoroughly tests all products before being added to our catalogue to make sure they are durable, strong, easy to use and maintain and work correctly in every way. We stand behind our products and are always available for advice, help and support – Our customer service is second to none!


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