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Off Ya Tree presents “The Bong Shop”

Yep, “The Bong Shop” is a division of Off Ya Tree, so you know who we are… but just in case you don’t, here’s some info:

  • We have been around since 1978. That’s nearly 40 years!!!
  • We have been selling Bongs & Smoking Paraphernalia since 1980… THAT’S ONE HELL OF A LONG GIG… so we know our shit.
  • We are an Australian company, owned by Aussies and we employ a lot of people here in Australia.
  • We have retail stores all over the country, so you know where to find us.
  • We bring you the best and finest range of products from all over the world, and we constantly travel the world to find them. We also supply Australian Made products wherever possible.
  • Not all the products we come across in our searchings are great, even though some of them look impressive. Before we add an item to our catalogue, we thoroughly test it to make sure it works properly, it is durable and it is easy enough to use, maintain and clean. It is for this reason that some items don’t make it to our range.
  • We stand behind our products and are always available for advice, help and support.

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